Jowar Radish Chapatis

Breads,Buns, Vegan

Jowar or Sorghum flour is a healthy gluten free replacement for wheat flour. The mildly spicy flavor of radish with this flour make a unique delicious bread which goes best with any gravy sabji. Makes approx. 6-7 chapattis Ingredients : 2 cups Jowar (Sorghum flour) ¾ cup grated radish 2 teaspoons ginger chilli paste ¼ …

Banana Methi Thepla


Fenugreek leaves have a reservoir of medicinal properties. The slight bitterness of fenugreek and sweet flavour of banana makes a good combination of Theplas. Mixed with other spices this thepla not only has wonderful flavours but also has pleasing texture to it. Around 10 chapatis Ingredients: 2 cups whole wheat flour (best is durum flour) 1 cup …

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