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About Kṛṣṇatarian :

In the ancient tradition of Bhakti Yoga food that is offered with love to God, who is known as Kṛṣṇa The All-Attractive, is accepted by Him and it becomes non-different than Him being purified from subtle and karmic reactions.

The reason why any pure sattvic food becomes Krsnatarian is because of the  holy Tulasi leaves or the flowers of Tulasi leaves (manjaris) offered to Krsna or God . Such food becomes good for one’s physical and spiritual well-being.

These recipes are universal and anyone can take benefit from them. This website will help you create simple and exotic meals to treat your near and dear ones.

About Me: I am Rashmi Bakker (Radhika Piyari d d),was born in Mumbai, India and after marriage moved to Canada.

I am a simple home maker and my passion for cooking started from the time I became a part of the Hare Kṛṣṇa movement.

My husband is my biggest inspiration in my life to experiment in my own ways of preparing different meals, as he encourages me at every step, including his love for eating delicious food.

My interest in cooking became more in depth after moving to Canada, when the responsibility of entire kitchen came under my jurisdiction.

Exploring different recipes and ways to cook, using my own improvised versions and serving others gave me lots of positive feedback.

Cooking at outreach events and sharing recipes with others made me realize that I can share my joy and tips with everyone and not just to a limited group of people.

Many friends and family members have been encouraging me to start having my own website so that it is easier to access my growing list of recipes.

Even though my recipes do not include meat, fish eggs, onion, garlic and mushrooms, the flavor and aroma are tempting.

I hope you find it easy to follow my recipes and I would greatly appreciate it if you were to share with me your feedback about how things turned out for you and if you have any questions please contact me.In service
Rashmi Bakker (Radhika Piyari dd)
Hare Kṛṣṇa

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