Vegan Pure Recipes

After coming to West I observed a certain part of the population  having nondairy preference. Many reasons for this choice but for me to experiment new ways of making a particular dairy food with nondairy or plant-based dairy options gave a lot of satisfaction and joy at the same time helped to bring a smile on others faces. In this section, you will find few non-dairy versions of dairy recipes and others recipes which don’t need dairy ingredients for cooking. Have sorted out everything for your easy access

Soft Bhattures with black eyed pea sabji (vegan pure)
Thai Penang Laksa Soup (vegan pure)
Dum Aaloo (vegan pure)
Ekadashi Tapioca Stuffed Bread (vegan pure)
Chickpea Tofu Omelet
Tofu masala
kadhai tofu
Naan (vegan pure)
Amritsari Aaloo kulchas (vegan pure)
Ekadashi buckwheat potato wadas
Thai Rice Noodles
Spicy Chawli (black eyed-pea)
Schezwan Rice
Achari Aaloo Parathas
Gobi Masala (Red spices)
Gobi Masala (green spices)
Achari aaloo
Moong Dal Kachoris
Fried Rice
Cabbage Pulao
Chinese Fried Rice
Spinach Kabab
Stuffed Bhindi
Yellow Moong Beans Parathas
Ekadashi Tapioca Balls (shallow fry)
Minestrone soup
Black eyed peas spinach curry cooked in coconut milk
Rajma (Kidney Beans) Parathas
Ekadashi Buckwheat (kuttu) potato wadas
Baked Cauliflower Bites
Veg Lollipop with all purpose flour
Dry Manchurian Balls
Tomato Tofu curry
Okra potato masala
Garbanzo beans Dip (vegan pure)
Scrambled Tofu
Green Beans Carrot Pickles
Stuffed Fry Chillies
Korean Stir Fry Tofu
Masala Dosa
Pickle spice potato patties
Sambhar (South Indian style)
Eggplant Masala
Tofu and black eyed peas pulao
Steamed Momos
Pasta Bites
Money Bags
Spicy Tofu
Potato Pie
Spring Barbecue wrap
Gnocchi Soup
Curried Black Eyed Peas
Barbecue sauce

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