Spaghetti In Tomato Basil Sauce

Asian Noodles, Pastas

Any spaghetti or pastas can be used for this pasta made with Italian herbs. Known for slurp, this pasta can become everyone’s favorite. Serves 4-6 Ingredients: 340 grams of spaghetti noodles/400 grams of pasta 2 chopped bell pepper 1 big zucchini Julienne cut 1 stick of celery chopped 2 teaspoon crushed black pepper 1 cup …

Buckwheat noodles with peanut sauce

Asian Noodles, Pastas

This is a perfect lunch or light dinner recipe whose primary ingredients are peanut butter and buckwheat noodles.  The aroma and flavor of this noodle recipe is something that you will enjoy even when it’s cold. Serves 4 Ingredients 300 grams buckwheat noodles One cup of shredded cabbage 10 broccoli florets ¼ cup olive oil …

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