Long Taro root sabji (Chamagadda)

gluten free, Sabjis, Vegan

One of the root vegetable which is rich in vitamins and minerals. In this recipe I will be using big taro root instead of the small ones and cook with decent spices resulting in a nice thick gravy sabji. Serves 4Ingredients1 large Taro root (peeled and chopped) 2 cups chopped tomatoes1 cup finely chopped celery/cabbage2 …

Dahi Arbi

Dals, Soups, Kadhis, Sabjis

Taro root is often prepared during the festive seasons of North India especially in Uttar Pradesh Vrindavan during Radhashtami. There are varieties of ways to cook them as this root goes well either as a dry finger food or as a delicious curry sabji. Serves 4 bowlsIngredients8-10 small taro roots1- ½ cups yogurt2-3 tablespoons all-purpose …

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