When it comes to sweets, what steals my heart are these succulent, spongy, white sweet Bengali bombs.
The flavour of milk dipped in good thick sugar syrup is a very easy thing to make. The key is in kneading.

1 litre of cow's milk
2 big lemons
4 cups of sugar

Process: Cook the milk on low heat until it comes to a boil (starts
rising). Turn off the stove and first add one entire lemon's juice
(without the seeds). You will see the milk curdling, wait for a
minute and then strain the curdled milk and cream in a cheese
cloth. The left out liquid you can use as whey and the curdled
cream for Rasagullas.
Let the cheese cloth sit for a while until all the liquid is drained into
the container which is placed under the cheesecloth.
By this time put the sugar in 8 cups of water (Use a big Pot) and
keep on cooking it on medium heat.
Squeeze the cheesecloth and start the kneading the cream. Keep
on kneading and pressing the cream for nearly 4-5 minutes, until
it becomes smooth and it starts releasing some oil. Then you
know the cream is fit for rolling into balls. Roll them into smooth
balls nearly inch diameter.
Check the sugar mixture with the help of a spoon and finger,
testing its stickiness. Once the syrup looks thick enough and
sticky when touched, then you slowly add the Rasagullas in it.
Cover and cook on low to medium heat for 3-4 minutes until the
Rasagullas become double the size. Turn off the stove and let
them rest until the syrup cools down to room temperature.
Refrigerate for a day and then serve them.

Tip: You do not need the sugar syrup thick like honey, just little thicker so that it’s sticky.
Also Alternately for the rasagullas to be more spongy you can use add some sugar in the cream and then knead it for making the rasagullas.

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