Cheddar Cheese Pizza

Everyone has their own way of making pizza. This is how I prepare my pizza bread and use these toppings.

Ingredients for dough:
3 cups of all-purpose flour
2 packets (nearly three teaspoons) yeast
2 tablespoon of oil
1 teaspoon of salt
2 teaspoon sugar
1 crushed dry chilli
1 teaspoon oregano

One can of pineapple titbits
2 cups of chopped cilantro
½ cup of finely chopped broccoli
One cup finely chopped roasted paneer
One thin sliced cucumber (optional)
One red chopped bell pepper
1 teaspoon of chopped ginger
1 teaspoon crushed oregano
Few finely chopped pieces of sun dried tomatoes
6 -7 slices of regular tomato
400 grams of cheddar cheese

Please check (Measurements)

Pizza Sauce:
1 cup tomato puree
2 basil leaves (optional)
1 teaspoon: tamarind sauce, ketchup, chilli sauce, mango pickles, dry oregano herb, rosemary herb, sugar, and salt
¼ teaspoon apple cider vinegar or 1 tsp lemon juice and soya sauce
Blend all together with one tablespoon of water and cook on low heat for 5 minutes by continuous stirring.

Process: Mix 1 tablespoon of flour with bread yeast and pizza yeast, 1/4 cup warm water, oil, salt and sugar and keep it aside for 5 minutes. Add the remaining flour and other ingredients and knead it with warm water. Cover it with a wet cloth and keep it aside for 30 minutes till the dough doubles up.

Place the parchment paper on the tray and grease it will little oil, spread the dough on the tray reaching all the corners and edges. Poke the dough using a knife and place it in a preheated oven at 400F for 5-7 minutes.

Remove it out, spread a layer of pizza sauce and all the toppings with cheese, sprinkle some salt and crushed dried oregano on the top. Bake it again on 400F for 5 minutes till the cheese melts and then put the oven on broil for 1-2 minutes till cheese turns golden brown.

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