Jowar Radish Chapatis

Breads,Buns, Vegan

Jowar or Sorghum flour is a healthy gluten free replacement for wheat flour. The mildly spicy flavor of radish with this flour make a unique delicious bread which goes best with any gravy sabji. Makes approx. 6-7 chapattis Ingredients : 2 cups Jowar (Sorghum flour) ¾ cup grated radish 2 teaspoons ginger chilli paste ¼ …

Eggplant Masala

Sabjis, Vegan

Spiced and marinated eggplant which goes well with sandwiches or simple chapatis is a must try!! This eggplant adds magical flavour as a side dish to any simple food it accompanies. Even those who do not like eggplant will love this spiced up recipe. 10 slicesIngredients: 1 large eggplant ½ tablespoons black pepper powder ½ tablespoons red chilli …

Purple cabbage and sprouts spring rolls

Savories, Vegan

Simple filling spring rolls with flavour of purple cabbage and sprouts. Tasty savory for parties.  10 spring rolls Ingredients10 spring roll sheets3 cups shredded purple cabbage/regular cabbage1 cup bean sprouts1 green chilli finely chopped1 teaspoon soy sauce 1 teaspoon lemon juice1- ½ teaspoon salt 1 tablespoon oilOil for deep frying  Process: In a medium sauce …

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