Buckwheat Puris

Buckwheat Puris are one of the best puris for gluten intolerant people. It’s very flavorful and potato helps its texture and color. Its also edible for fasting days.

2 ½ cups of buckwheat flour or buckwheat granules
1 big boiled potato
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon sugar
1 ¼ tablespoon oil
¾ cup of warm water
Ghee for frying or any grain free oil

Please check (Measurements)

Process: With Buckwheat granules you need to grind them in fine powder and then filter it to have smooth powder form. Add it to the remaining ingredients.
With buckwheat flour, mix it with other ingredients (potato peeled and mashed).
Make equal portions of balls and for each ball sprinkle some buckwheat flour. Roll it into puri size with the help of rolling pin. Heat ghee in a wok on high temperature and put the puris, cook till golden brown. Serve with grain free sabji or chutney.
one side and then flip it and cook for 10 seconds. Remove and place it on a tissue paper. Do 3-4 puris at a time. Serve with any fasting sabji or chutney.

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