Beetroot Khichdi

The khichdi tinged by the pink shades of beetroot and filled with wonderful spiced flavours is another one pot healthy meal!!

1 cup rice
1/2 cup  pigeon peas(Tuvar dal)
1 cup cubed beetroot
1 teaspoon of turmeric powder
2 cups of chopped tomatoes
100 grams of chopped spinach without stems
2 cups of chopped parboiled mixed vegetables(french beans, carrots, green peas, cabbage)
1/4 chopped cilantro
1 teaspoon mustard seeds
2 green chilies
1 teaspoon cumin seeds
3-4 curry leaves
2 tablespoon of oil or ghee
2 teaspoon of salt
Please check (Measurements)

Process: Soak the pigeon peas for two hours. Wash the rice thoroughly. Mix the rice and peas together, Add 3 cups of water, salt, cover with a lid and cook on medium heat for 20 minutes. Add the vegetables, spinach and beetroot. Mix well and simmer for 4-5 minutes on low heat. Add little water if needed. Heat oil or ghee in a small skillet for tempering all spices and spread it over the khichdi. Stir the Khichdi, cover with lid and cook for another 2-3 minutes on low heat. Turn of the stove and garnish with cilantro

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